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1st Feb-20th Feb

As we enter another block of Zoom classes I have adjusted the timetable so that we all get more out of it. Any classes that were low on numbers have been replaced and new classes added.

Once again your dancer(s) can access any classes they wish, and dance as many times as they like each week so long as they stick within their age groups. This time, I have scheduled specific Melrose and Duns classes if I could please ask Kelso dancers not to log into these that would be much appreciated

Fees for a three week block are £12.50 per family. For this you get unlimited access to classes for your whole family as well as knowing that your membership at M-Pulsive is continued once we return to the studio.

To access classes simply click the links below. Choose the right day and log in at the RIGHT TIME. Please don't log your child in early and wait during another class.

You will be asked to stay in a waiting room your teacher will admit you. If you're late for class you may not get admitted if the teacher can't see the wait room icon. 

Children should attend Zoom classes as if they were in the studio- relevant uniform/ clothing, hair up, water on hand (no fizzy drinks and snacks please). Only exception is I don't expect them to wear their trainers in the house

Students taking part should have their cameras on for health and safety. And parents should be nearby.

Please do not share the link or password. These are for paying students only.

Lockdown Live: About


These classes are correct for Mon 1st Feb-Sat 20th Feb


2.30 Mini Hip Hop

4.00 Melrose P1-3

4.30 Melrose  P4-7

5.00 Senior Commercial

5.30 Senior Contemporary


9.00 Wake Up, Workout
4.00 Kelso P1-2 Hip Hop
4.30 Kelso P3-5 Hip Hop
5.00 Mixed P4-7 Stretch


2.30 Mini Acro
4.00 Duns P1-3
4.30 Duns P4-7
5.00 P1-3 Ballet
5.30 P4-7 Ballet


4.00 P6-7 Hip Hop
4.30 P3-7 Contemporary
5.00 P3-7 Conditioning for Turns
5.30 Senior Technique


1.30 P1-3 Musical Theatre
2.00 P4-7 Musical Theatre
2.30 Conditioning for Acro


9.30 P1-2 Hip Hop
10.00 P3-5 Hip Hop

Lockdown Live: Classes


Available for Download


Collect points throughout lockdown to win medals and certificates for your commitment to dance. this table is for primary aged kids


This medal chart can be used by mini dancers as well as any age 5-6 who'd prefer this one tot he junior version.


Timetable for block 2, 1st-20th Feb

Lockdown Live: Files
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