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We have the perfect classes and progressions to give your little one the an introduction to the dance world that you'll both love and remember. Our classes use feel good pop music, props and imagination to create a fun atmosphere for the discovery of dance and movement

Tap Shoes


Professional Belly Dancing


Modern Ballet Dancer


18-36 mth

Your very first introduction to dance should be exciting and fresh. Our tinies class gives little ones the chance to explore movement and dance with the comfort of having mum, dad, granny or caregiver with them for that extra support and encouragement. We use current pop music as well as film favourites and kid classics to create a fun playlist for you to dance to together

Age 2-3

An intermediary class often on offer at our Kelso studio. this is a progression class from tinies, this time having parents still in the room but actively encouraging the children to dance in the centre independently with a real focus on allowing freedom of movement and creativity within the set routines which develop rhythm, balance, coordination and confidence.

Age 3-5

This will be your little ones first independent class. We provide a safe space where you can confidently leave your child for their class knowing that they are not only in safe hands but they are also making new friends, enjoying the challenge of learning new moves and routines and developing their confidence with every step. These classes are bookable on a termly basis to allow for progression and consistency.

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