M-Pulsive Dance School was founded in 2006 as Michelle Douglas School of Dance. 2021 marks our 15th Anniversary and in a time when we can't mark this milestone with a huge show and party, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to collate photos, memories and notes from current and past members of our school to put together a commemorative book. Proceeds from the sales from this book will be donated to our charity partner, Annos Africa.

Current members are being asked to please submit your contributions via the Dropbox request links below. 

PHOTOS: please put photos into the correct year files (as close as possible if you don't know exactly) Please initially choose a maximum of 6 photos per file upload so that we don't have overload from particular sections of the school

SIGNATURES: all dancers please sign a pice of white paper in black pen. Photograph in good light, no shadow, and submit to the signature links.

MEMORIES: any specific memories, notes, letters to outline what your dance school means to you. What you loved, what made you want to do more dance, any dance friends you've met along the way. Basically anything you'd like to say!




PHOTOS 2006-2010

Please select as many photos as you have from this time period. Feel free to take a photo of any non-digital pictures that you have or current photos of any old costumes/ uniform that you may still have

PHOTOS 2011-2016

Please select a maximum of around 10-12 photos from this period. I'd like to try and cover as many events through this period as possible.

PHOTOS 2017-2021

Please upload a maximum of 6 photos from this period. Preferably from different events/ years


Please upload a maximum of 6 photos from this trip. Come and park time, parents and kids ;-)


Please upload a maximum of 6 photos form this event- comp and hotel :-)


Current dancers- Class of 2020-21 (all classes including adult class)
Please sign name on white paper, with BLACK pen. Photograph in good light with no shadow. Upload


From parents and/ or children. Anything you'd like to write/ say. Events you've loved, what dance means to you, what you've achieved etc etc. These can be typed and file uploaded, or handwritten and photographed.