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Our classes for primary aged children are split into Infant (P1-3), Junior (P3-5) and Intermediate (P6-7). The exact age splits are dependant on venue, style and number of participants. Generally we offer hip hop for infants and a range of classes for juniors and intermediates. We have seen that our hip hop classes are a hit with youngsters who then develop a love for dance and often choose to do additional classes as they grow up the school.

PLEASE NOTE: each year the classes we offer varies depending on what we have room for in the timetable. 2020-21 timetable is based on a Covid Secure studio model allowing fewer participants in each class and therefore we may not have every style on offer right away



A mix of hip hop, street and commercial elements make up our fun and funky classes. These are high energy and classes have a great buzz. Beginners in all ages always welcome

Available to infants, juniors and intermediates.



Drawing on elements of the ID Company syllabus, Pirouette Surgery and technical exercises created by Michelle, our contemporary classes introduce and develop strong technique in our dancers. Combined with practice of improvisation and choreography, it trains a well rounded, confident dancer.

Available to junior and intermediate. Beginners welcome at junior level.



Based on Acrobatic Arts syllabus acro combines elements of gymnastic practice and dance to create a unique, exciting style. Dancers develop strength and flexibility along with the ability to use these skills safely and effectively in dance practice to create dynamic choreography

Currently not timetabled. Check back soon...



These classes are great for those wishing to try something new and perhaps combine their gymnastic, athletic training into a team sport. We look at tumbling, pom dance and stunting and is great for understanding team work.

We'll be back soon... not covid compliant right now :-(



Do you love to act the drama queen? These classes combine song, dance and a dash of drama to create a perfect stage blend. Each term your teacher will work on a set musical, teaching about script, lyrics, acting through song and dancing to tell a story. 

Currently not timetabled but will be back soon



Every holiday we try to offer something different to our regular classes whether that be circus camp, flexibility and technique intensives or a themed workshop it's sure to keep your kids entertained in their break from school. This summers classes are all online, check out the timetable here...

See our current timetable and book your classes online

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