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Our senior section is offered regular classes in commercial and contemporary. Some of these classes will be suitable for beginners as we love to get new senior dancers on board. dance is great way to improve both physical and mental health. However, there are some classes timetabled purely for dancers who have attended previously as it is important for us to be able to offer progressional training. Please get in touch to find out which class would be most beneficial to your requirements and circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: each year the classes we offer varies depending on what we have room for in the timetable. 2020-21 timetable is based on a Covid Secure studio model allowing fewer participants in each class and therefore we may not have every style on offer right away



Drawing on elements of hip hop, street and jazz dance we create a fresh and exciting commercial style in our classes. Think music video- sassy and strong.

We usually have availability for beginners in these classes. you're never too old to learn.


Drawing on elements of the ID Company syllabus, Pirouette Surgery and technical exercises created by Michelle, our contemporary classes introduce and develop strong technique in our dancers. Combined with practice of improvisation and choreography, it trains a well rounded, confident dancer.

These classes will have both senior and advanced options to allow for continuity and progression in technical dancers

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