Updated May 2018, in line with GDPR Guidelines M-Pulsive Dance School take the protection of your data that we hold seriously. Outlined in this document is information on how we store and use your information and give you piece of mind that we meet our legal responsibilities.



We hold information that you input into our ClassForKids booking system on registering for classes at M-Pulsive Dance School. Parents’ names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses along with your child’s name, date of birth and any medical conditions. This information is put into the system by yourselves and is kept within the ClassForKids cloud based, secure server. On signing up to future classes you will be asked to read and agree to out Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. As part of your contract when signing up for an account with ClassForKids, you give consent for them to send you automated receipts, invoices and confirmations of booking. You can view their privacy agreement here


Legitimate interests Should M-Pulsive Dance be unable to process and control participant’s data, we would be contravening both our Health and Safety and Child Safeguarding Policies. We would also be ignoring best practice regarding working with children/ young people It is essential to our primary function (providing classes to participants) that we are provided with, and allowed to process and control the following: Participants’ name, date of birth, medical information, address, emergency contact details Parent/ Legal Guardian email address, contact number, address




- Paper printed copies of participant’s names, emergency contact numbers and medical information are used by our teachers for on-site registers so that we know who is present in class on a week by week basis for fire regulations and emergencies. Outside of class time this will be kept in a locked cabinet and will only ever be used by your class teacher.

- At events this data may need to be accessed by parent chaperones who are in charge of your children so that emergencies can be dealt with efficiently. This is part of our duty of care over your child.

- Your emergency contact number will only be called by your class teacher in case of injury, late pick up or any other concern that may arise whilst your child is in our care. Your number will never be stored in our devices.

- Your house address will very seldom be used but may be required to send outstanding invoices.

- Your email address and name will be used to forward class booking confirmations and invoices to for your reference. - Event information and marketing will only be sent by email to those who have subscribed to the mailing list.




- Your information will never be sold to any third party organisation or business.

- Your email address and name may be viewed, but not used by professional services working on behalf of M-Pulsive Dance School.

- Your email address and name on our accounts system will be forwarded to GoCardless for payments collection. You can view their privacy policy at

- For children who attend events organised by third parties such as competitions and festivals, their names may need to be passed on to these organisations for licensing and insurance purposes. I will collect additional consent for this and will have contracts in place with the companies in question to comply with GDPR before forwarding your information.

-Staff and volunteers will only ever be given access to information that they require as part of their position within the school. They are all bound by contract to adhere to the Privacy Policy of M-Pulsive Dance School.




At the end of each academic year our paper registers will be destroyed. There is a legal obligation for registration data to be stored in ClassForKids and Xero secure servers for 3 years post attendance.


USING OUR WEBSITE Any information received via our website is only used by us and is never sold to any other companies or organisations. If you subscribe to our mailing list your email address is held in a cloud based, encrypted system. You can, at any time, unsubscribe from this list and your address will be removed from the system. If you shop with us online, we will hold you address, email address and name. This information is only used to forward information about your current order and will not be used for marketing unless you opt in. Your payment details are not held.


SOCIAL MEDIA M-Pulsive Dance School hold a public Facebook and Instagram presence. Photos used on these platforms will not include full names in them so as children/ young people cannot be identified/ singled out. The photos will only be used of children of whom consent has already been granted during registration. Our private, members only group ‘M-Pulsive Dance Parents Hub’, has a separate Privacy Policy. It should be noted that by requesting to join you are agreeing to these terms. Only approved members will be accepted by the admin. The group is administered by Michelle Douglas and any inappropriate content may be deleted by the admin at any time. Anything posted within the group should not be shared outside the group without permission from the data controller (Michelle Douglas). See our Closed Group Privacy Policy for more information


COMMUNICATION All communication to M-Pulsive Dance School should come via four official channels- landline 01573 223056, mobile 07724748131, email, social media messenger ‘MPulsive Dance School’. All messages received this way are password protected and only accessible by Michelle Douglas Communications by these means will be read and answered only by Principal, Michelle Douglas and all messages and discussions will be kept in full confidence.


PHOTOGRAPHY M-Pulsive Dance often use footage/photos used from shows, performances and classes for marketing purposes both in print media and social media. Participants parent and/or guardians may choose if they do not wish themselves/their child to be depicted. When registering to M-Pulsive Dance School you will be asked to provide permission for us to use photography of your child in various ways. You have the freedom to grant us permission or to withhold permission. M-Pulsive Dance School will never directly name children or young people in photos online and where names are appropriate, surnames will not be used nor will the name be attached to any individual/solo photo.




Access to your data - You have the right to request a copy of the information that we hold at any time.

Correcting your information - We want to make sure that your information is always up to date. You can make any changes to your information by logging into your personal ClassForKids account.

Deletion of information – You may ask us to delete your personal information if - You consider that we no longer require the information for the reason it was acquired - You have validly objected to us using your data - Our use of your data is contrary to law or other legal obligations


M-Pulsive Dance School will regularly review this Privacy Statement and keep updated versions on our website


We would aim to resolve any issues and complaints internally but you do have the right to lodge any complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (


UPDATE 22nd May 2018


Updated May 2018

On registering with M-Pulsive Dance School there are a few terms and conditions that we ask members to adhere to in order for our school to run efficiently

1.      Fees are payable monthly (with the exception of RetroFit, Hip Hop Tinies and Dance n Tone Lite). You will receive an invoice by email on around the 20th of each month and payments are due by 1st.

2.      Preferred payment method is by card (via electronic invoice), bank transfer or by Direct Debit. If you wish to pay by direct debit you should set this up with GoCardless when you receive your first invoice. Cash payments for fees are accepted ONLY in correct cash and enclosed in a sealed, named envelope.

3.      Late payments will incur a 10% late fee. If your account is in arrears of two or more months your child may be asked to give up their place.

4.      When registering for a new year the upfront fee should be paid online, via ClassForKids to secure your place.

5.      By registering for a class on ClassForKids, you are signing up for an academic year and agreeing to paying fees for this class monthly. If you wish to cancel your place at any time, this must be sent in writing to Your cancellation period is one month. Any fees due for that time must be settled.

6.      Children not registered via ClassForKids will not be allowed to participate in class.

7.      The dates that each term run on are visible in your ClassForKids portal. Please refer to this when querying holidays.

8.      Your enrolment will automatically continue to run until the end of the academic year- June. If you wish to cancel your place even at the end of a term, the cancellation notice is required. At the end of June each year you are required to complete re-registration for the following academic year.

9.      Your monthly plan does not include extra classes during holidays, workshops, private lessons, extra rehearsals, etc. These should be booked via ClassForKids and paid for in full.

10.  Refunds will not be given for missed or unused classes.

11.  Pupils wishing to partake in external productions, workshops, auditions or competitions should seek permission from the school Principal.

12.  We endeavour to provide a safe and secure space for your children to dance. Please help us to enhance this by providing your child with water to bring to class and ensuring they have been to the toilet before class.

13.  Uniform, as outlined in the current handbook, is essential. Each dance genre requires specific kit and footwear. Sandals, boots and skirts are not appropriate for any class or any age.

14.  Children should not be dropped off for class more than 10 minutes prior to class starting. Please arrange prompt pick up at the end of class.

15.  M-Pulsive Dance School does not discriminate on background, race, gender or religion.

16.  Classes are most usually divided based on age but under some circumstance it is necessary to only allow dancers who comply with pre-requisites. This is to ensure safe and effective progression. Michelle also holds the right to move children into the class which she feels is most appropriate.

17.  Photography within the studio space is prohibited by parents or pupils unless granted permission by the class teacher.

18.  M-Pulsive Dance School is all inclusive and will not tolerate bullying. We reserve the right to ask any children to leave the school based on a breach of this.

19.  By the nature of dance it is often necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when helping to improve students posture or assist in movements. This includes contact between students and holding hands.


By enrolling my son/daughter into M-Pulsive Dance I confirm that I accept the above terms and conditions


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